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On ice or on mic, Brad Phenow tells Superior story

Posted on Jan 23, 2014
Communicating Arts senior Brad Phenow is one busy guy.
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On ice or on mic, Brad Phenow tells Superior story

You think you're a good multi-tasker?

Brad Phenow can fire a shot on goal and just moments later give a local news roundup on his college radio station.

It's the result of long days, hard work, the magic of radio and the focus Phenow brings to his college career.

It's also due in no small part to Phenow's school, the University of Wisconsin-Superior, where students work one-on-one with faculty who help them discover and develop their talents and passions.

Phenow starts his days with hockey practices as early as 5:30 a.m. He has class every day and also interns at KUWS-FM, part of the Wisconsin Public Radio network, where he conducts interviews, gathers sound and records news roundups.

His schedule led to an interesting experience for his parents back home in Sauk Rapids, MN.

They were listening to a Yellowjackets hockey game on KUWS-FM when they heard his name mentioned in the game. Then, at the station break, Brad's voice popped in to give the "News at Nine" roundup. "My parents got a kick out of that," he laughed.

Phenow took a nontraditional route to UW-Superior. He arrived as a 21-year-old freshman after playing three years of junior hockey. He came to UW-Superior for hockey but he stayed for everything else, and he's glad he did.

"I knew instantly when I first set foot here," he said. "It's the small campus. It's the one-on-one with the professors. It's everything."

Back in high school, Phenow was a B average student. "I was going to go to vocational school and be a diesel mechanic," he says. Now he's finishing up his college career with a 3.84 grade point average and hands-on job experience working at a radio station. He hopes to work as a sports journalist, eventually covering an NHL team for a major news outlet.

Like a lot of college freshmen, Phenow came to college not knowing exactly what he wanted to do. "It was a little intimidating. You know, even though you can change your major, this is important. You want it to be the right decision."

Phenow thought studying journalism in UW-Superior's Communicating Arts department might be a good fit. As a kid, he'd always enjoyed writing down stories and telling them to his parents. And his experience being interviewed by local media as a junior hockey team captain showed him a way to stay connected to the sport he loves.

Being at UW-Superior also helped him discover new interests, including a love of the great outdoors. "Being here, I became much more outdoorsy," he said. "Coming up here and seeing the beautiful scenery makes you want to get out more." Phenow and his girlfriend ski Nordic trails and snowshoe in the Duluth-Superior area and know there's plenty more to explore.

Asked to give some advice to those who are in the hunt for a college right now, Phenow doesn't hesitate. "Visit. Absolutely. Get the feel," he says. And don't just trust the tour guides, says the young journalist. "Ask people you see when you're on your tour," he says. "You can only figure out so much on the Internet."

That's what he did and it worked for him.

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Communicating Arts senior Brad Phenow is one busy guy.

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