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TED Program Admission

TED Program Admission

This page provides information about the TED Program Admission process that will be utilized beginning August 16, 2014. View a printable form with checkboxes that helps you track your progress. View information on the prior process.

In addition to declaring an education major, students must work toward Teacher Education Program Admission. Program admission is required prior to enrolling in the majority of upper-level Teacher Education classes and for a number of scholarship opportunities. The admissions process helps to ensure that students have the foundation necessary to complete major coursework and engage in field experiences. Students are encouraged to begin working toward program admission early in their academic career.

Admission Requirements:

  • Competence in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics as demonstrated by passing scores on standardized test(s) approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Declared teaching minor (if applicable)
    • Certain majors, such as Elementary Education, require that students complete a teaching minor (or a second teaching major)
  • Current and valid health certificate on file in the Educational Leadership Office which verifies that the student's tuberculosis (TB) test was negative
    • Documentation must include student's name, date of the test, and test result on official health care provider paperwork (letterhead, form, etc.)
  • Current and valid criminal background check (CBC) report on file in the Educational Leadership Office
  • Completion of the following core courses with a minimum grade of C in each (may be in progress at the time of application submission*)
    • WRIT 101
    • WRIT 102
    • COMM 110
    • HHP 102
    • MATH or CSCI requirement of student's major (MATH 230 for Elementary Education majors)
  • Completion of TED 200 with a minimum grade of B (may be in progress at the time of application submission*)
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 on at least 40 semester credits of collegiate-level coursework including transfer credit (may be in progress at the time of application submission*)
  • TED Program Admission application

*If all other requirements are complete upon submission of the TED Program Admission Application and any of the starred (*) items above are in progress, you will be admitted on the condition that the remaining requirements are successfully completed by the end of the semester in which the application was submitted. If any of the items are not complete by the end of the semester, TED Program Admission will be revoked and the student will be de-registered from any classes in the following semester(s) that require TED Program Admission as a prerequisite. 


Students will be responsible for submitting an application for TED Program Admission based on the following timeline (the application will be made available in Fall 2014). Students should plan to apply for admission the semester prior to when they wish to begin taking courses requiring program admission. Please note that students who submit their application for the August 1 deadline may have difficulty finding open courses, so early application is encouraged. 

  • Apply by October 1st to take courses requiring program admission in spring semester
  • Apply by March 1st to take courses requiring program admission in fall semester
  • Apply by August 1st to take courses requiring program admission in fall semester

Please note that this admissions process is for currently enrolled UW-Superior students; prospective students should refer to the Admissions Office for more information on applying to the institution.

Still have questions?

Please contact your advisor or the Educational Leadership Department.

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