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Music Facilities

Music Department

Music Facilities

Performance Facilities

Thorpe Langley Auditorium

  • Thorpe Langley Auditorium
    • Located in the Old Main building, Thorpe Langley Auditorium seats approximately 700 audience members.  With its new acoustical shell, it is host to band, orchestra, choir, guitar ensemble and percussion ensemble concerts.

Webb Recital Hall

  • Webb Recital Hall
    • Webb Recital Hall is located in Holden Fine Arts Building and seats approximately 110 people.  It is equipped with a Schlicker organ and is an excellent acoustical venue for recitals and small chamber music.
  • Yellowjacket Union Great Room
    • The YU Great Room is the preferred venue for dances put on by the UWS Jazz Band. 

Practice Facilities


  • Holden Fine Arts Building is home to the UWS Music Department and a substantial number of music practice facilities which include:
    • A large rehearsal hall
    • Over 20 general practice rooms
    • Two organ practice rooms
    • Two percussion practice rooms

Other Facilities

  • In addition to practice facilities, Holden Fine Arts Building also contains:
    • Music Classrooms
    • A Midi Lab
    • A Piano Lab
    • A Listening Lab
    • A Jazz Playback Lab


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