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Dr. Lois Guderian featured in national journal

Posted on Feb 21, 2011
Dr. Lois Guderian is featured in a national magazine for her work in music education.
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Dr. Lois Guderian featured in national journal

By Elizabeth Reichert
University Relations student writer

Dr. Lois Guderian, assistant professor of music at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, recently was featured in the National Association of Music Education journal for her work in music education.

Guderian is no stranger to MENC. She serves as the North Central Division Chair in Music Composition and has served as an online chorus mentor. In addition, MENC publishes secular and sacred versions of Guderian's recorder textbooks and has written and published articles about her research. Even with this existing relationship, Guderian never saw the article coming.

"You don't really think they're noticing what you're doing . . . and you're just happy to teach and to help out when asked," she said.

In October 2010, MENC approached Guderian for an interview about music education due to her work in the field. She would be one of five experienced music educators featured in the January 2011 issue. The article, "Music in the Heart" by Patience Moore, focuses on the passions and motivations of these talented educators.

Music has always been a part of Guderian's life. At seven years old, she began composing and at 22 was hired as a Theory II Assistant at her undergraduate university while completing her degree. Throughout her post-graduate work she taught as part of her assistantship and fellowship responsibilities, enabling her to pay for her degrees. During her work as a teacher, she has taught a variety of levels and ages from Pre-K to master's.

"I just feel so thankful to have so many interactions with people and to share life through music. It's been such a rich, rich life . . . It couldn't be richer in human experience, and that's what it's all about," Guderian said.

Her students fuel her passion for teaching and offer opportunities for growth in Guderian's own life. "I'm always learning from my students. It's an unending process, but it's what makes teaching exciting," she said.

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