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Dr. Vicki Fingalson performs with Minnesota Orchestra

Posted on Feb 25, 2011
Dr. Vicki Fingalson performed with the Minnesota Orchestra -- something that she says benefits her and her music students.
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Dr. Vicki Fingalson

Dr. Vicki Fingalson

Dr. Vicki Fingalson, the head of voice and opera at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, recently returned from working with the Minnesota Orchestra in Minneapolis.

Variety of roles

Renewing her relationship with the Minnesota Orchestra, Fingalson performed 10 timesin January 2011. From January 20 to 23, she portrayed Erste Dame in "The Magic Flute,"a semi-staged version of the opera "The Magic Flute"by Amadeus Mozart. Although the original opera was written completely in German, the performers only sang in German but spoke the dialogue in English.

January 26-30, Fingalson performed an aria -- a self-contained piece of music for one voice -- for the Young People's and Families' Concerts. It was part of a "concert of musical tales," with different pieces telling stories. From "La bohème" by Giacomo Puccini, Fingalson's part involved her character Mimi introducing herself to a young man and telling him the story of her life. 

'World class' experience

Fingalson said she enjoys working with the orchestra. "The musical experience is always world class. Everybody is really friendly and works really hard. It's a positive experience," she said.

The experience is not only enjoyable but also worthwhile, according to Fingalson. "The high-quality musical performance helps elevate my performance since their performance is at such a high level," she said. 

Performing helps her teaching

While Fingalson enjoys her time with the orchestra for the experience itself, the assistant professor of music also recognizes the significance it has for her teaching.

"It helps keep me current . . . [and] well-connected with professional performances in the region and the nation," she said. "Since I teach performance, it's invaluable for me to do that."

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