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Journals publish water research articles by Dr. William Bajjali

Posted on Jun 8, 2012
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William Bajjali

William Bajjali

Dr. William Bajjali, professor of hydrogeology in UW-Superior's Department of Natural Sciences, has had two articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

The first, "Water Quality Assessment of Newton Creek and Its Effect on Hog Island Inlet of Lake Superior," appears in the Journal of Water Quality, Exposure and Health.

The article is based on five years of weekly sampling of water quality by Bajjali's students, who used the project as undergraduate research and real world project applications as service learning with the Douglas County Land and Water Conservation Department.

The second article, "Spatial variability of environmental isotope and chemical content of precipitation in Jordan and evidence of slight change in climate," is published by the Journal of Applied Water Science.

For the second article, Bajjali collected data in Jordan by using the environmental isotope and chemical analysis from 11 rainfall stations to prove that there is a slight change in climate in that region.

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