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Dr. Alisa Von Hagel joins UW-Superior's political science faculty

Posted on Aug 5, 2011
Meet Dr. Alisa Von Hagel, who joins the political science faculty for Fall 2011.

Dr. Alisa Carolyn Von Hagel
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Doctorate degree in 2011 from Northern Illinois University. Areas of study include American government, women and politics, biomedical policy, and international relations.

Experience: Teaching at the university level

Interesting Fact: Received the Graduate Teacher of the Year Award in 2010 from NIU's Department of Political Science.

Q.  What are you anticipating most about your job at UW-Superior?

A.  "I am most looking forward to working at a university that embodies the true liberal arts experience.  The facilities, resources, and programs available to teachers and students reflect the university's commitment to engaged and experiential learning, and I am eager to work with the many programs on campus to facilitate this component of a liberal arts education at UW-Superior."

Q.   What's your favorite topic to teach?

A. "My favorite topic to teach is women in politics, and specifically the impact of gender on governmental processes and institutions.  Exposing students to the realities of political power and the impact of identity provides real-world application of the theoretical approaches that often seem irrelevant to their political experiences."

Q.   What message do you have for your students?

A.  "The experiences from one's college years can be the greatest years of a persons' life, leading to more than just a degree and a job.  To have the greatest experience possible, students should use all of the on- and off-campus resources available, enjoy campus events and activities, and make every effort to connect with their teachers and fellow students.  A complete educational experience begins in the classroom, but requires engagement in experiential learning at the university-level as well as within the larger community."

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