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Women's & Gender Studies

The Gender Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin- Superior is an undergraduate minor program located within the Department of Social Inquiry. The mission of the Gender Studies Program is to raise awareness of issues of gender and gender inequality and to transform the university and the community through teaching, learning, and social action

Students studying Gender Studies will

  • Analyze and challenge notions of femininity and masculinity in relation to people's experiences.
  • Recognize the varieties of masculinities and femininities that exist across time, cultures, space, etc.
  • Relate social structures and institutions to the creation and perpetuation of inequality.
  • Understand other social differences intersecting with gender.
  • Appreciate intersections of thought and action and engage in theoretically informed social and political action.
  • Employ experience as evidence for developing an understanding of power, privilege, and disadvantaging.

We have offered a Gender Studies undergraduate minor since 1976. In 2007, the Women's Studies Committee revised the minor, and the program and minor became Gender Studies.

Students may earn a 21-credit minor in Gender Studies by selecting courses from diverse fields such as Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, American Indian Studies, Writing, Sociology, History, Criminal Justice, Political Science, World Languages and Literature, Visual Art, Geography and Philosophy.

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