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Library Science FAQs

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Library Science FAQs

What is the Library Science Program?

The Library Science program at UW-Superior educates students to be leaders in information services and the use of information technology.  UW-Superior develops competent, confident, and creative professionals who enjoy  the information field and can instill this value in others. More specifically, the program:

  • Prepares students for information age technology
  • Prepares students in the application, politics, and rhetoric of  information technology
  • Prepares students to be active participants and leaders in the teaching and learning process
  • Educates students to be leaders in information services
  • Fosters an enjoyment of learning, research and exploration in the information field
  • Develops skills that lead to sharing this enjoyment of learning, research, and exploration in the information field with others
  • Creates confident and curious students
  • Contributes to an understanding of the information profession by other academic programs

Courses in the Library Science curriculum will satisfy requirements for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Initial Library Media Specialist License (902) and the DPI Professional Library Media Specialist License (902).  The 902 license require the successful completion of 24 semester hours of coursework, a professional experience, and completion of an approved teacher preparation program. The DPI 902 license requires completion of 17 hours of coursework beyond the baccalaureate degree, or completion of a Master's Degree from an approved program. Licensed teachers may earn a Master of Science in Education-Instruction at the same time they complete requirements for their 902 licensure by completing 15 hours of coursework in the Teacher Education Department, and 17 hours in the Library Science Program. UW-Superior is one of the home campuses for the University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium (UWSSLEC). This program offers courses at the graduate level for 902 Initial and Professional license that are primarily web-based.


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