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December 17, 2013

Graduate's final thoughts on UW-Superior

Cody and his family
Cody and his family

As a graduating Senior, I feel as if I know the University Wisconsin-Superior very well.It exceeded my expectations of what I thought the college experience would be in nearly every category.

Before experiencing the campus myself, I felt that there was a stigma about the University. I thought there was a correlation between attending a small school and the quality of the education received.  Inexplicably assuming that because UW-Superior is a smaller campus, my education would be less thorough than if I went to a larger school.  After my attendance here I feel as if the exact opposite couldn't be truer. 

All of my classes, from my gen. ed.'s  to my DBE (Department of Business and Economics )capstone were taught by professors thoroughly versed in their respective fields, often times in possession of a doctorate degree.  I was never instructed by a teacher assistant, and I was always able to approach my professors with any questions I may have had.  The classroom discussion fostered by my professors as well as the small classroom sizes expanded my interest in the subject matter and my knowledge of the concepts in ways that could never have been achieved in an auditorium setting.  (Special shout-out to my marketing professor Dr. Ethan Christensen and the rest of the Department of Business and Economics for providing an engaging learning environment full of real-world examples that wasn't afraid to put the textbook aside.)

UW-Superior is located in a great area which (usually) isn't as frigid as the frozen tundra it is perceived as.  I loved the small town atmosphere, similar to where I grew up, with access to the lake and other outdoor activities.  At the same time, it was great to be only a bridge away from a large nightlife scene which seemed to always have something going on.

The campus has plenty going on as well.  I played intramurals every year and continued to grow both as an athlete and as a person.  I can remember many great times playing intramurals as well as participating in basketball club and open gyms.  UW-Superior lets you use the same court as their school team which isn't allowed at many larger campuses which was always fun. 

A big chapter in my life is over, one that I will never forget.  The memories I have accumulated and the lifetime friends I have made over my time at UW-Superior are irreplaceable.  With my college career coming to a close there are many new questions to answer in my life now, questions I feel UW-Superior has given me the tools to answer.  One thing is for certain, given the chance to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. Go Jackets! 

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Mary Ann Krueger
12/19/13 5:28 AM
Well Done

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