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Summer and Fall Semester Registration April 7 - 18

Posted on Mar 4, 2014
Summer Session and Fall Semester 2013 begins April 1 – 12

Student enrollment appointment times and advisor holds have been populated in PeopleSoft and should be viewable in your advisee's Student Center and your advisor panels as of today, March 4. Students who are enrolled with Disability Services and/or are a military veteran have been provided priority registration and have enrollment times for April 7 regardless of the number of credits earned. Students not eligible for registration in April have been discontinued in the system and no longer appear on your advisee list so your advisee list now reflects only those students who are actually enrolled this semester. If you are contacted for advisement by a student who is not indicated on your advisee list in PS, please refer the student to the Center Office, OM 134, for assistance. Students who withdrew this semester are still eligible to enroll for Summer Session and Fall Semester so they are still listed on your advisee list. Advisor holds and enrollment appointment times do not pertain to summer registration so advisees wishing to enroll in a summer class may do so at any time beginning April 7.

The Class Schedule is active and online at

Appointment sheets: Please post your appointment sheet in a prominent area near your office door. Students will be notified via the Student Digest that enrollment appointments are viewable in their Student Center and they should be signing up for an advisement session with their advisor as close to their enrollment appointment as possible, especially freshmen, to avoid closed class problems. Students will also be reminded to prepare for their advisement session by reviewing their Advisement Report, checking the class schedule, their major requirements, taking care of holds, etc. We also request that you reinforce this message by taking a moment during class to remind students of the April 7 - 18 registration period and that they need to prepare for their advisement session. If you have specific instructions for your advisees regarding preparation for their advisement session, we encourage you to contact them.

New Transfer Students for Summer Session and Fall Semester will also be eligible to advise and register during the April 7- 18 registration period. Transfer students must be admitted, have paid their $100 enrollment fee and have completed the online Transfer Orientation Course in order to receive their advisor assignment and their enrollment appointment time. Advisors will be notified via email when a new transfer student is assigned to them. Student Transfer Evaluation Forms and transcripts will be sent to advisors via campus mail. If a new transfer student contacts you to schedule an advisement session and they aren't indicated in your advisor panel, they should be referred to the Center Office to see if they are eligible to advise and register.

Electronic Transcript Request Procedure: Students can now request a copy of their UWS transcript online. Refer students to the Registrar's Office, Old Main 139; to the Registrar's website under transcripts; or to

If you have any questions about the Registration Period, new transfers, etc., please contact the Center Office at Thank you for your cooperation!

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