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Chancellor, alumna, and student participate in Red Cliff Traditional Pow Wow

Posted on Jul 10, 2013
Red Cliff Pow Wow - Honoring the Past, Preserving the Future
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UW-Superior student Richard Smith, Chancellor Wachter, and alumna Andrea DeBungie at the 35th annual Red Cliff Traditional Pow Wow.

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UW-Superior student Richard Smith, Chancellor Wachter, and alumna Andrea DeBungie at the 35th annual Red Cliff Traditional Pow Wow.

The 35th Annual Red Cliff Traditional Pow Wow was held July 5-7 on the Red Cliff Ojibwe Reservation in Red Cliff, Wisconsin near Bayfield. This year there were many people affiliated with UW-Superior in attendance, including Chancellor Renée Wachter, prospective and current students, alumni, staff, and current and retired faculty members. Ivy Vainio, Class of 2013 and Sr. Student Services Specialist for the Office of Multicultural Affairs at UW-Superior, was able to capture several photographs of Chancellor Wachter interacting with alumni and students at the event.

"I have been attending powwows for my whole adult life - almost 30 years now and it has been rare to see a University Chancellor attend and participate in one," said Ivy. At the powwow, Chancellor Wachter was asked to be part of an honor song that recognized and honored all the 2013 graduates - from pre-school all the way up to doctoral graduates. This is a very high honor to be asked to be a participant. "It was a very proud moment for me and the other UW-Superior students and alumni to see her participate in that. It was a very cool experience," Ivy also added.

Andrea Boulley DeBungie, Class of 2008, and her husband Dennis were head dancers, an important role in the powwow. She had this to say about the Chancellor's involvement, "I believe it was a step in the right direction for promoting higher education within our native community. It showed she respects and cares about our culture, and wants to build relationships. These are values I try to teach my students." Andrea is a teacher at Bayfield High School, and says UW-Superior is an easy decision for some Native American students. "They are made to feel welcome, and the faculty and staff in the First Nations program and Multicultural Center are a large part of that."

Current UW-Superior student and powwow dancer Richard Smith wants to thank Chancellor Wachter and other staff and faculty for accepting the opportunity to experience the Red Cliff powwow celebration. "I believe the participation of a cultural event, other than your own, is an experience that enhances one's life, while gifting you with a lifelong memory. Stepping outside ones comfort zone and partaking in such an event is an admirable act. Today the participants know a little more of thy neighbor, the Ojibwe - MiiGwetch."

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