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Dr. Albert Dickas publishes geology book

Posted on Jul 3, 2012
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Dr. Albert Dickas publishes geology book

After 5 years of field research and writing, Dr. Albert Dickas, Professor Emeritus (Geology), has published a book on some of America's most interesting geologic sites. Titled 101 American Geo-Sites you've gotta see, the book was written for those who are curious in the multiple means whereby geologic processes continue to shape the world.

Each state is represented by at least one site, explained by text and accompanying full color diagrams, maps and photographs. The two sites closest to the UW-Superior campus are the Thomson Dikes (to the west of Superior) and Amnicon Falls (to the south of Superior).

Dr. Dickas joined the UW-Superior faculty in 1966 and retired in 1997. Positions held on campus included:

  • Professor of Geology

  • Founding Director, Center for Lake Superior Environmental Studies

  • Director, Office of Intramural Planning 

  • Founding Director, Youth Summer program 

  • Coordinator, UW-Superior/Rostov State University (USSR) exchange program

  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Contracts, Grants and Research

  • Adjunct member, Wisconsin Geological Survey

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