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Travel Expense Report Instructions

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Travel Expense Report Instructions

The following instructions are to help complete a Travel Expense Report (TER).  The numbered instructions correspond to the numbers on the TER Guide.

  1. Your name and address.
  2. Purpose of where you traveled (only needs to be on TER once).
  3. Your social security and/or employee ID is not needed anymore.
  4. Please check the circle that applies to you.
  5. Date you departed.
  6. Time you departed.
  7. Where you departed from and type of transportation used.
  8. Check if you used a University vehicle.
  9. If a personal vehicle was used, fill in number of business miles traveled.
  10. Explain any fare expenses, example: plane and bus tickets
  11. List miscellaneous expense cost, for example: game tickets, programs, tolls, and parking and explain at the line that corresponds with the expense (example #16).
  12. Lodging cost, check if you stayed at the conference site and provide supporting documentation.
  13. Amount of money spent on breakfast.
  14. Amount of money spent on lunch.
  15. Amount of money spent on dinner.
  16. Explain other miscellaneous expenses, see travel regulations for rules (either pocket travel guide (www.uwsa.edu/fadmin/travel.htm) or travel website (www.uwsuper.edu/business/travel ) and put in column 11.
  17. Date and Time of your return.
  18. Where you departed from when coming back, for example: left Madison and returned to Superior .
  19. Cash advance (if any).
  20. Account name and number being charged.
  21. Total all individual columns going down.
  22. Total all columns across. Total expense column should match total from added totals of individual columns.
  23. Mileage is the lesser of
    1. an Enterprise rental car expense or
    2. the turndown reimbursement rate of .352 for personal car usage.
      1. This can be computed by going to http://www.uwsuper.edu/business/travel and clicking on the Car Rental Travel Calculator.
  24. Add #22 and #23 for total claimed and subtract #19 (cash advance, if any).
  25. Your signature, date, and office phone extension.
  26. Your supervisor and cost center manager's signature.
  27. Travel coordinator's initials if applicable.

Any questions please call the Travel Office - 
                              Dawn at ext. 8384 or Tracy at ext. 8226

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