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Campus Life Spotlight: ABC Week

Posted on Nov 30, 2010
Res Life offers week devoted to academic betterment.
As students across campus are beginning to prepare final papers, projects, and studying for final exams, the Academic Betterment Committee (ABC) has just wrapped up a successful ABC Week in the residence halls. ABC Week consists of both active and passive academically focused programs in each hall planned by the Academic Resource Coordinators.  

According to Simon Rousset, Ross Hall Assistant Manager, residents in his building reflected on their time management skills during one program. Another program focused on choosing a major and making career connections. Residents in CMO Hall attended programs on preparing for finals early in the semester and how to prepare themselves for academic advisement and registration.    

Crownhart Hall invited Kathy Pykkonen, Coordinator of Career Services, to talk about job skills and how to market yourself. Academic Resource Coordinator, Martin Minteer presented on how to create and execute a four-year plan (Plan 4 Success) and the importance of choosing a major. This program "showed why it is almost always vital to have a 4 year plan in order to get all the classes that you need to graduate because of unexpected problems and delays that can make it difficult or impossible to graduate on time in some majors."   

Simon sums up what this committee is all about, "ABC Week is an important committee for the residence halls because it gives students tips on how to be more effective in their life both in the hall and in school, by including all of the aspects and resources of college life."


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