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Campus Life Spotlight: Finals Feeding Frenzy

Posted on Dec 21, 2010
Finals Feeding Frenzy a tasty success!
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Campus Life Spotlight: Finals Feeding Frenzy

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On Thursday the 16th, over 300 UWS students braved the cold and came to the Yellowjacket Union for the annual Finals Feeding Frenzy. The Frenzy, a fifteen-year old tradition, is a late night event for students to eat some breakfast foods as they gear up for the week of finals ahead. A'viands turned the Café over to faculty, staff, and administration to serve the hungry students pancakes, sausages, donuts, and breakfast burritos.

Almost 20 faculty, staff, and administrators showed up to the late-night breakfast to help cook up fresh foods and serve the students. Others were on hand to greet the students, bus dishes, and clean tables. Lots of conversation was had between students and UWS employees about how their finals preparations are going, and what the winter break has in store for them.

Eleni Pinnow, Assistant Professor of Psychology, shared that Finals Feeding Frenzy is her favorite event on campus all year because of the different interactions and opportunities for faculty and students to interact, as well as the fun that is had by all. Several Campus Life staff who are UWS alums shared stories of their experiences as undergraduate students at Finals Feeding Frenzy.

While enjoying delicious foods, students were seen tutoring each other, catching up with friends, giving hugs of support to their friends, and chatting with UWS faculty and staff. In the end, students left the YU near 11pm with smiles on their faces and full stomachs, ready for a marathon of studying, supporting their friends, and packing for the winter break.

Even Buzz made an appearance at Finals Feeding Frenzy in a different way than normal…a pancake made and decorated by Campus Life staff.

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