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Campus Life Spotlight: Preview Days

Posted on Oct 19, 2010
Fall Preview Days are upon us again and this is a great opportunity for UW-Superior to showcase what we have to offer to prospective students.

Beginning on October 21, students will be on campus to explore the opportunities available to them here at UW-Superior.  Prospective students will have the chance to tour campus facilities, meet with faculty and staff to ask some questions, and to find out more about the academic and co-curricular programs offered at UW-Superior. 

The visit to campus can be a very important part of the decision making process for both the student and the parents.  The CIRP, Cooperative Institutional Research Program, has been conducting the Freshman Survey since 1966.  In that time, "the CIRP Freshman Survey has collected data on over 13 million students at over 1,900 institutions, and is the largest American study of higher education. The CIRP Freshman Survey is designed to provide comprehensive information on your incoming first-year students."  (Higher Education research Institute)

The CIRP outlines the top 10 factors that students listed as 'very important' to them in selecting a college.  One of the top 10 included a visit to campus, at 41.4% of the respondents.  There are certainly areas that are more important to students including the academic reputation (63.7%), the potential for employment after graduation (56.6%), and the cost of attending (41.6%).The visit to campus is one thing that requires a small investment from faculty and staff, like showing school spirit by wearing black and gold can be a great way to show students that UW-Superior is a great place to be. 

Take this opportunity on October 21, 22, and 29 to meet and talk with some prospective students and parents/guardians, it could make the difference in a student's decision!  If you are looking to get more involved with Fall Preview Days, please contact Admissions.

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