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Campus Life Spotlight: Textbook Rental

Posted on Jan 11, 2011
Textbook rental now available for many classes at UWS!
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Campus Life Spotlight: Textbook Rental

`Jacket Book and Supply has taken their operation to a new level this past semester with offering textbook rental for the first time on campus.  In a pilot program ,five texts were available to rent during the Fall 2010 semester.  This first venture was successful and is setting the stage for future success in Spring 2011.

This coming semester, over 100 texts are available for students to rent.  There is a variety of general education texts as well as major specific texts.  Obviously, more gen eds are rented than majors.  Heather Thompson, Assistant Bookstore Manager, says "For Gen Eds, I would say about 90% take advantage of it [text rental]. For the Majors, probably about 50% do." 

There are some significant positive factors for students who want to rent their texts this semester and into the future. The price is about half of the cost of the same book used, and the price is guaranteed.  Of course students can treat the book just as they would normally with writing and highlighting in it, and the bonus is that they don't have to return the book until after finals are complete.  If the student really enjoyed the book and thinks it would be a helpful book to own, they can buy it at the end of the semester for the price difference. 

There are just a few downsides to text rental.  First of all, there is no book to "sell back" so students wouldn't have that buyback money that they sometimes count on towards the end of the semester.  Second, a credit card is needed to be kept on file with `Jacket Book and Supply just in case the book is not returned (which would be the difference between the rental fee and price of the book new).

As you can see, this is a very exciting venture for `Jacket Book and Supply to be taking, and the benefits go directly into the hands of the students.  Now, with more texts being available for rent, hopefully students will feel the financial burden of buying texts to be less stressful.  If you are interested in having your texts available for rent or discussing this further, please contact Heather Thompson at 394-8279.  You can also contact Vaughn Russom, Director of `Jacket Book and Supply, at 394-8327.


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