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A Colorful Palette: Catherine Rogers Jonsson ‘90

Posted on Sep 5, 2012
UW-Superior alum, Catherine Rogers Jonsson, is making her mark on the world of art as an international artist and entrepreneur.

Catherine Rogers Jonsson graduated from UW-Superior with her Master of Arts in Art Therapy in 1990. Mixing together her education, determination and entrepreneurial skills, she made the decision to become self-employed. Since she has the power to create her own career, Jonsson's work branches out to include not only being a visual artist and an art therapist, but she is also a lecturer, trainer, and a consultant. Jonsson has such a passion for art, that she was even attracted to opportunities worldwide, working mainly as a professional artist in Sweden. 

Making her Mark

Working as a dedicated entrepreneur, Jonsson has managed to make a big name for herself. Since she works in the United States, as well as overseas, she has multiple exhibitions that are credited to her name in both North America and in Europe. Jonsson has also made a big impact on the Good Samaritan Hospital Center for Mental Health, located in Downers Grove, IL. It was there that she established multiple branches of treatment using art therapy, which is helping patients ranging from young children to adults. Expanding her range from the hospital, Jonsson has also opened her own private practices in the Chicago area, as well as in Alaska, which involve art psychotherapy for children and youths with specific needs.

While much of her time is devoted to marketing herself and staying globally connected through her work online, Jonsson spends the majority of her day working on her art. At her farm-home in Sweden, she has the unique opportunity of working on the second floor of a barn, which is where her art studio is located. She will soon be recognized in Stockholm, Sweden at one of her solo art exhibitions, which will take place at Galleri Hagman in November 2012.

A Love for the Arts

Jonsson's variety of work opportunities provides many chances for her to connect with people and to aid them in their struggles. One of her favorite aspects of the job is having the ability to help people heal and rebuild their lives by learning how to express their emotions through art. She enjoys the opportunity create her own way of explaining the abstract aspects of life through her various illustrations. Her passion for the arts is what encouraged her to become a certified art therapist as well as a credentialed professional member of the American Art Therapy Association.

No End in Sight

For the majority of people, their goal is to find a career doing something that they are passionate about. How bad could it be going to work every day when it is a job they truly love to do? Jonsson was able to not only meet this life goal, but she is prepared to take it to the next level. When asked about her future plans, Jonsson shares, "I hope to continue offering my art therapy workshops around the world and showing my art work, too. I don't plan on ever retiring." Jonsson has been able to find work in a field she loves so much, that it is less a job for her than it is a way of life. There are no limits to how long she will be working.

Helpful Career Advice

Though challenges may arise, as well as some unexpected opportunities, Jonsson has a piece of advice that she tries to live by. She says, "Throw your hat in the ring and give it go!" Living up to her own advice, Jonsson has certainly expanded her horizons by trying new things, taking some risks, and eventually becoming an international entrepreneur. A famous author, Louise Hay, also offers words of wisdom, encouraging people to "listen to your intuition." Jonsson took this phrase to heart, and she feels that when she follows this advice she is able to make the best decisions for herself. Though there is no way of saying for sure where she will be in the years to come, it is safe to say that Jonsson will still be using art to pursue a career she loves.

Catherine Rogers Jonsson was interviewed as a part of the Career Services Day in the Life project. Her full interview and those of other UW-Superior alumni can be found on the Day in the Life website,

Interview conducted on March 7, 2012. Article written by Kristen Jasperson. 

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