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Beating the Odds: Kirsten Gutting

Posted on May 4, 2012
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Beating the Odds: Kirsten Gutting

Kirsten Gutting is a senior at UW-Superior, and she's majoring in Secondary Education Biology and Broadfield Science. She recently became a Hall Manager at the Residence Life, which she's really excited about. She learned about this opportunity through peers and coworkers.

Through her previous roles at Residence Life, Kirsten learned a little bit more about the department and what she needed to work on in order to achieve this position. She says she had great mentors that helped her achieve her goal of becoming a Hall Manager.

Kirsten's advice for other students includes not getting overwhelmed at the odds of getting a job. There were only 3 spots for this position. She didn't let the odds deter her from applying. During the application process she focused on the position itself rather than the odds of getting hired.

She sought out help from Career Services starting her freshman year to make sure that she was appropriately reflected in her application documents.

Kirsten is absolutely grateful to UWS for teaching her not only academically, but about life as well. She now considers herself well-rounded person because of this process.

Congratulations Kirsten!

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