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Congratulations Graduates

Posted on May 9, 2013
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Congratulations Graduates

Career Services is excited to be able to congratulate those graduating this semester and this summer. We know you have done amazing things while you have been here at UW-Superior and we know you will do even better things once you leave us.

Many of you are planning on entering the job market upon graduation. This can cause a wide range of emotions, ranging from elation to frustration. The emotional roller coaster of life after graduation can lead to feelings of confusion
and lack of confidence.

You shouldn't get discouraged too quickly. Here are some stats that should boost your confidence:

  • The unemployment rate for graduating students is 3.9%, which is significantly less than the overall unemployment rate of 7.5%. That means your degree from UW-Superior will help you go places. [NY Times]
  • Of the 500 students who graduated from UW-Superior between December 2011 and August 2012, only 2.7% were still seeking employment as of last month [Career Services]
  • Employers are planning to increase their hiring by 13%, over last year. [NACE]

We have confidence that you will find the right position for you. It may take some time to land your dream job. Eventually, you will get there. As long as you put in the work, do your best, and take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you, you will succeed.

No matter if you are planning on entering into a career, the military, graduate school or other pursuits, transitioning to life after college can be difficult. We know that, but you have a strong support network here on campus to help you succeed.

Remember, Career Services is available to you as an alumni. We can help you with finding opportunities, applying for jobs, preparing for upcoming interviews, and more. You are also now connected to a great network, by being a Yellowjacket Alumni. The Alumni Association is a great way to stay connected to campus, meet other Yellowjacket Alumni, and take pride in your institution.

Make sure to also keep in touch with your faculty, other students, as well as staff who have supported and encouraged you along the way. You never know who or what may lead to the next big thing.

You are now entering the next exciting chapter of your life.We are proud of the work you have been able to accomplish while being here and we look forward to seeing what you will do!

News Contact: Shannon Gilligan | 715-394-8026 | sgillig1{atuws}
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