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Putting Skills to Work: Maria Ibarra

Posted on Aug 16, 2012
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Putting Skills to Work: Maria Ibarra

Congratulations to Maria Ibarra on obtaining an Academic Resource Coordinator (ARC) position through Residence Life! As an ARC, Maria will be assisting first year Crownhart hall students with academics and academic-related programs. Maria is looking forward to her new position, which she will be starting fall semester.

Preparing to be an ARC

Her job search preparation started well before she decided to apply to be an ARC.

When asked about what contributed to her success, Maria expresses "mainly working at Career Services. My development in this department has been amazing in the past two years! I feel more involved on campus, I feel more prepared to take on the world, and most important of all: I feel happy!" She also credits Career Services for "teaching [her] how to create an impeccable resume and cover letter. Also, interview prep! From the attire [she] should wear to how [she] should respond to the questions asked."

As an ARC, Maria will use the expertise she has learned through her position as a Career Services Career Resource Assistant to not only help students in Crownhart be successful academically, but professionally as well. She says that she would advise other students to "try to get involved in things/activities/jobs that will eventually help your professional career. Even if it's attending the Job Fair, working for Res. Life, or simply being a part of an athletic team; it's always good to add things to your resume! Learn a foreign language also!"

We are happy to have been a part of Maria's Success!

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