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A Career in Law: Johanna Kirk '01

Posted on Sep 5, 2012
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Johanna Kirk graduated from UW Superior in 2001 with a B.S. in Legal Studies and a minor in International Peace Studies. While attending UWS she participated in Mock Trial and Pre-Law Society. Her involvement in these organizations helped her to develop her formation of arguments, to keep clients' interests in mind, and to broaden her view on her career.

A Career as an Attorney

Kirk is a Partner and a Shareholder at Knudson, Torvinen, Jones, & Kirk, S.C. As a shareholder, she has the some business management responsibilities. Her responsibilities include supervision and management of finances and payroll, coming up with marketing strategies, and other personal matters. Kirk also has the usual attorney duties, such as representing clients.

Kirk's favorite part of being an attorney is learning new things. She loves it when a client comes in and she doesn't have the answer to their question. This allows Kirk to research the question and offer a solution for the client. It makes her feel like "a smart hero". The most challenging part of Kirk's daily life is the balancing act between her duties as an attorney and as a business manager.

The Long Journey

Kirk's interest in Law started with a career day in high school. She found an attorney to be interesting because of its "glamorous" appeal. Kirk further researched and found that law was the right field for her. She entered into UW Superior's pre-law program and quickly switched majors to Legal Studies. She got her Paralegal Certificate during her term and UWS. After graduation Kirk spent a year in paralegal work. After that she was convinced that she needed to be an attorney. To achieve her dream Kirk had to pass the Law School Admissions Test, get accepted and graduate from Law School, and pass the infamous Bar Exam.

Tips for Students

Kirk believes that the most helpful classes were the practical classes. Even though "theory-based courses were far more interesting", the practical classes taught the skills needed for her to excel in her career. For someone considering going into law, she advises that you explore the different options of that. There are many different ways in which you can be involved in the law. She also suggests that college isn't just for learning about the degree that you are going into, but also learning about yourself; and to remember that "your career is going to be only one part of your life".

Johanna Kirk was interviewed as a part of the Career Services Day in the Life project. His full interview and those of other UW-Superior alumni can be found on the Day in the Life website,

Interview conducted by Jessica Schlauderaff on May 8, 2012. Article written by Kelsey Wachs.

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