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Applying Classes to the Courts: Kimberly Brzezinski ‘04

Posted on Sep 5, 2012
2004 UW-Superior alum, Kimberly Brzezinski, proves the value that comes from having a diversified set of college degrees.
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Applying Classes to the Courts: Kimberly Brzezinski ‘04

Kimberly Brzezinski graduated from UW-Superior in 2004 with a wide range of degrees. She completed her major in Mass Communications, and she double-minored in both Spanish and Sports Management. While she was attending school, Brzezinski was also working as a clerk at a law firm, where she was able to get a glimpse into what law was really about. Her interest in the field continued to grow throughout her time there, and it encouraged her to pursue her current job as an Associate Attorney with Andresen & Butterworth, P.A., a law firm in downtown Duluth, MN.

Applying her Degree

Though it may not seem like the typical degree to hold while working at a law firm, Brzezinski's degree in Communications actually has proven to be extremely helpful. Since so much of the job is dependent on dealing with other people and working with litigation, being able to both verbalize effectively and write with strength and clarity is essential for this type of job. She believes her degree in Communications actually gives her a step up over those who did not receive a similar kind of training, because it is that vital to her job position.

Another helpful attribute that Brzezinski possesses is a strong sense of leadership. She praises the opportunity she was given to be the captain of the volleyball team at UW-Superior for helping her to build upon her leadership roles and gain experience with a heightened sense of responsibility.These attributes certainly were helpful as she began her professional work at the law firm.

Life with the Law Firm

Brzezinski enjoys her job with the firm because she enjoys being able to help to improve the lives of her clients. When they are having conflicts dealing with legal issues, it is Brzezinski's job to assist them in difficult or unfamiliar matters, especially with the litigation. Her main focus at the firm deals with problems concerning real estate, which she works to solve in her own effective and creative style. Being able to make her client's lives better and allowing them to return back to their normal lives as quickly as possible makes Brzezinski's job worth it.

One of the more difficult aspects of her job is working with people who do not want to cooperate with each other. Especially in the courts, Brzezinski finds it difficult to work with the opposing counsel when they do not see eye to eye on an issue. This can also be the case when she is working with some of her clients. It is not always easy for her to get everyone to see her side of the argument or even to meet in the middle with a compromise.

The usual work day for Brzezinski entails her spending a lot of time in her office. It is here where she takes care of her legal paperwork,as well as has meetings with clients in order to go over their cases. However, she can count on being out of the office at least once a week to attend to her formal matters in court.

Future Goals

Brzezinski enjoys her work at the law firm, and she is still looking to advance her career in working more with real estate. Her goal is to become a partner within the practice by using her networking and communication abilities to her advantage. A piece of advice she received from one of her law partners was to become active in whatever it took to make herself out to be profoundly adept within her profession. She followed this advice, which helped her to establish a strong name for herself, moving her even closer to her career goals.

And the Verdict Is…

Though it may seem a little hard to believe, something that is significant for students who are interested in law to know is that it is not mandatory to graduate with degrees in law related fields. It actually can be beneficial to major in a field that is not related to law in order to gain a wider variety of experiences that can strengthen your overall abilities to carry out your work. After obtaining a four-year degree, then the focus can be more on the legal aspects while attending law school. Nevertheless, Brzezinski explains that it is still important to practice working with law while in college, since you will need to know the basic concepts that you will encounter later on the job.

Kimberly Brzezinski was interviewed as a part of the CareerServices Day in the Life project. Her full interview and those of other UW-Superior alumni can be found on the Day in the Life website,

Interview conducted by Tashina Martinson on April 13, 2012. Article written by Kristen Jasperson.

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