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A Strength in Communication: Meagan Campbell ‘09

Posted on Sep 6, 2012
With her degree from UW-Superior, Meagan Campbell is excelling in her position with Northwestern Mutual and credits the university for much of her success.
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A Strength in Communication: Meagan Campbell ‘09

UW-Superior alumnus, Meagan Campbell, completed her education at the university and graduated with a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She also broadened her range of interests by matching her degree in Business with a minor in Spanish. After beginning her professional career working in an area directly connected to her major, she eventually branched out a little further to obtain her current job working as the Recruiting and Development Coordinator at Northwestern Mutual.

Building her Business Background

Campbell did not always know that she was interested in a position working with the development of new members of a company. Her original job after graduating college was with a marketing agency. In fact, it was the same agency that she held an internship with prior to her senior year of college. Upon graduation, she returned to the firm and held a full time job with them for three and a half years. Her work at the marketing agency certainly opened doors for her. Campbell was able to network directly with professionals, and they realized her talents and where they could best be put
to use. It was from her connections with these people that she discovered her passion and was referred to her current job.

On the Job

The position of the Recruiting and Development Coordinator requires a certain set of skills that Campbell certainly encompasses. It was necessary for her to have at least a bachelor's degree as well as strong communication abilities and a strength in being able to multi-task and adhere to specific details. Of course it was also necessary for Campbell to demonstrate her ability to develop positive relationships with not only her co-workers, but also the rest of the community.

Working with Northwestern Mutual, Campbell's main focus is on the new members of the company. She assists in the training of the new interns and other full-time employees, and she also is responsible for helping others to discover more about the corporation. Since the company is only looking for the best employees, it is important for Campbell to use her strength in communication and networking to reach out and find the best match of new members to the corporation.

Working with her Passion

Being able to talk to new people and hold conversations with complete strangers is one of the highlights of the job for Campbell. She also loves working with college students to help promote the business, whether it is providing them with information about available internships or if it is interviewing them for a potential job position. Any opportunity that allows her to share more about the company she will take full advantage of.

However, one of the difficulties that Campbell faces with these tasks is trying to get people to see the true side of the corporation. Some people tend to have an inaccurate portrayal of financial companies, and they group all the companies as being the same. Campbell does not believe that Northwestern Mutual is just like any other company. She exposes the details of the business that she wants people to take note of by describing, "We are a mutual company and operate for the benefit of our policyholders; we have paid more dividends than any other company in the industry. We have unsurpassed industry financial strength ratings, and we have one of the nation's top rated internship programs." As part of her job, Campbell strives to break through any
false preconceived notions about the company.

Help from the University

Campbell also credits her time at UW-Superior with helping her to be successful in her working career. When talking about the impact of her college career, she explains, "The organizations that I was most involved in were Leadership UW-Superior with Ann Miller, Rotaract, and the DBE Banquet committee. I learned so much in each one of these particular groups and was able to have fun and give back to the school and/or community. Through these groups, I met a lot of people which in turn made a lot of other opportunities possible, and continues to do so."

Another factor that surely helped Campbell in earning her job was her experience studying abroad in Spain, one of the programs that was run through UW-Superior. She comments, "Words cannot describe what I learned about the language and culture as well as what I learned about myself. Professionally, it sets me apart from other candidates." During the interviews she has had since her travels, in almost every one of them she has referenced her study abroad experience in one way or another.  Being able to learn another language and communicate with a larger base of people was a tremendous quality for Campbell to possess for her work with Northwestern Mutual.

Career Advisement

For students, Campbell has some advice for kick-starting a successful career. "Know your strengths, what motivates you, and what things are you most passionate about," she encourages. "Get involved on campus and in the community; it's never too early to start building your network." Though it has been said that a master's degree is what employers are expecting nowadays, Campbell believes it depends greatly upon the job that is being sought out. This does not, however, mean that she would advise anyone away from continuing to further their education. It is no secret that more education is beneficial, and having a higher degree will only make you more marketable.

Meagan Campbell was interviewed as a part of the Career Services Day in the Life project. Her full interview and those of other UW-Superior alumni can be found on the Day in the Life website,

Interview conducted by Jessica Schlauderaff on April 20, 2012. Article written by Kristen Jasperson.

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