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Preparation Pays Off: Carissa Skifstad

Posted on Sep 21, 2012
Carissa Skifstad is a sophomore, who is doing big things
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Preparation Pays Off: Carissa Skifstad

During spring semester 2012, Carissa applied to be a Resident Assistant (RA), but not
before doing some prep work first.

Getting Ready

She started her process by asking her RA about what the position was about, since her sister suggested it would be a good experience for her. After learning more about the position and deciding that it would be a good fit, she visited Career Services for help with her application materials and prepping for a possible interview.

Carissa states that Career Services helped greatly in her application process. She got some good advice on how to improve her resume and how to apply for the actual job.

She also reflected on her personal experiences and strengths during the process. Carissa believes her social skills were of great help to her in the application and interview process. In addition, interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures has helped her in developing people's skills, which are essential for the RA position.

Advice for Others

Her advice to students is to just participate in school activities, this way they will be able to make more new friends and just create amazing memories. If you can't find any jobs, keep looking and don't give up. Finally keep your eyes open for opportunities that may come your way.

Carissa did obtain the position with Residence Life. She is currently serving as the RA in Ostrander and loves it. Congratulations Carissa!

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