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A Drive to Succeed: Mandee Akason

Posted on Nov 27, 2012
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A Drive to Succeed: Mandee Akason

Recent UW-Superior alum, Mandee Akason, graduated in May of 2012 after obtaining a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in both Marketing and International Business. She now holds a job at her alma mater, working within the Admissions Department as a Marketing Specialist.

Though Mandee was eventually able to find a job within her field of study, the road to success was not an easy one. With her graduation approaching quickly, she spent eight months applying for various jobs and sent out nearly 200 job applications without much luck. Fortunately, Mandee had previously secured a marketing internship within the Distance Learning Center, and she was well-aware of the power of networking. With a demonstration of her strong work ethic and dependability at her internship, her coworkers knew what she was capable of, and they were able to help her find her current position.

Mandee credits her time at UW-Superior for helping her to prepare for her future. She explains that going to a smaller school allows for more opportunities to become involved in a wide variety of things, and this "makes you multi-dimensional," a trait that many employers are looking for. As a very well-rounded individual, Mandee certainly capitalized on this idea and built up a strong resume for herself.

For current students, Mandee's advice is to get as much experience as possible within the field of interest in order to begin the process of networking. She also wants to stress the importance of diversifying where applications are sent to. Not every opportunity will work out, but it is important not to be let down if something is not successful right away. As someone who went through a lot of work to attain her job, her advice to students comes from experience when she says, "Don't lose hope, especially starting out." Though some doors may close during a job search, Mandee has proved that it is the determination to continue pursuing one's goals that will lead to career success.

Congratulations, Mandee!

Article written by Kristen Jasperson

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