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Utilizing Connections: Will Collins

Posted on Nov 27, 2012
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Utilizing Connections: Will Collins

Will Collins is a sophomore living on campus, who was recently offered two on-campus positions. He found out about both positions through personal connections and did his research to determine which would be the better fit for him.

Will was originally interested in working for Residence Life as a janitor, which he learned about through postings throughout his hall. Prior to applying, he asked his Residence Assistant about the position, which led to him to apply for the position. Shortly after applying with Residence Life, he found out about the other position. His friend told him that the Writing Center would be hiring a Writing Center Assistant, which sounded interesting to him. He was enthusiastic about applying for the position and ended up applying through Jacket Jobs. After being offered both positions, he weighed his options to decide which job to take.

A recommendation of Will's is to always have a working resume saved somewhere online. This could include your D2L dropbox or locker, google document, or flash drive. Jacket Jobs is also a great place to store many types of application documents in a central place.

He believes there were many things that contributed to his success, including thoroughness, positive reputation among his peers, positive attitude, sense of humor, persistence, and being prepared and outgoing during his interview. Will recognized the value of connections and relationships. Will's advice to other students is, "don't be afraid to use personal connections to get a foot in the door for jobs, be persistent and thorough." One thing he added was that establishing good, solid relationships with your professors makes life easier. "They are great references as well as awesome people," Will said confidently.

Through Will's positive social interaction he will continue to discover more about himself. His goal is to become more comfortable with who he is as a person as well as search for his career. Taking many general educations courses, Will feels as if he can declare his major in a timely manner. These classes have helped him learn more in depth about his options for what he chooses to do in life.

Great job Will!

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