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Job Fair Prepare Contest!

Posted on Feb 4, 2013
Students are taking full advantage of the opportunities to prepare themselves for the upcoming Spring Head of the Lakes Job Fair to be hosted by UW-Superior on February 13, 2013.
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Job Fair Prepare Contest!

By taking part in the various workshops and activities through Career Services, students are learning how to professionally present themselves to potential employers and how to create resumes as well as online networking profiles that can stand out in the crowd and highlight their individual strengths.

This past week was a great chance for students to get a start on the contest, as there were opportunities for them to attend in-person workshops in order to enhance their resumes and create or update their LinkedIn accounts. They were also invited to practice their interviewing and networking skills with the Career Services staff. The week wrapped up with an on-campus fashion show hosted by Mainstream and maurices, that allowed students a chance to see what types of clothes are appropriate for both the upcoming Job Fair as well as what should be worn in other professional work settings.

By attending these various workshops, students were able to gain confidence in their abilities to present themselves in a positive light and interact successfully with professionals. Ryan Stumne, a current UW-Superior student, comments, "Between my multiple visits to Career Services this past week, my resume has gone from a rough looking list of jobs to a professional document showing my strengths and experience that I can actually say I'm proud to show potential employers."

Since many people admit that they get nervous with job interviews, the workshops also provided the perfect opportunity to gain some practical experience before having to face the real thing. UW-Superior senior, Paige Mikkelson, was grateful for the advice she was given and feels that the workshops certainly helped her to prepare for what things to say when the time comes. She explains, "I think the workshops gave us a lot of great ideas of things to do and/or avoid talking about, but I'm still going to be nervous for any job interview in the future. That one interview could determine the rest of your life so you have to make a good first impression."

Because of the pressure that is put on job interviews, resumes, and social skills to be top notch, the Job Fair Prepare Contest is a great way to hone your abilities and ready yourself for the real life situations you will one day be faced with, all while winning great prizes at the same time! The Head of the Lakes Job Fair is the perfect opportunity to put your new skills to the test, create connections with professionals, and potentially even land yourself a job!

For those of you who have not yet entered the contest but would still like to get involved, it's not too late! There are several workshops being offered again this week through Career Services, and online entries will also be accepted through February 12, the day before the Job Fair. See the contest webpage more information:

Article written by Kristen Jasperson

News Contact: Shannon Gilligan | 715-394-8026 | sgillig1{atuws}
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