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Finding Success in Confidence: Jesse West

Posted on Mar 5, 2013
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Finding Success in Confidence: Jesse West

Jesse West recently graduated from UW-Superior in December of 2012, obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in English upon his commencement. Since his graduation, he has already relocated to Milwaukee, WI, where he is now working as a Business Systems Analyst Associate for Aurora Health Care.

Fortunately for Jesse, his job search and application process went very smoothly. He was able to take advantage of his connections in order to acquire career work right out of college. His fiancée graduated from college a semester before him and found work with Aurora Health Care through one of her classmates from her program at school. Through networking and some encouragement from others, Jesse pursued a job with the same company, and he had his interview with them just prior to his graduation. He was officially offered the position the Monday before his commencement.

The biggest contribution to Jesse's success was the people who he surrounded himself with. From his advisor, supervisors, and professors to his family and friends, he was constantly encouraged by people who were willing to help him succeed. The people whom he met at the university were also extremely reassuring. He comments, "UWS gave me the confidence to aspire for great things. Everyone was helpful, encouraging, and supportive, and genuinely believed in me." Jesse feels that it was through this group of people that he gained enough confidence in his abilities to feel like he was a good fit for the job.

In order to be successful, some advice that Jesse would give to students would be to "find something that makes campus feel like home and keep your eyes open for opportunities." He goes on to say, "I think a lot of students are unaware of the opportunities they have at UWS." Jesse explains that not all students even know about the services that the university offers students such as free access to the Writing Center and the Career Services Department. After finding ways to connect better on campus, Jesse felt that he fit in more at UW-Superior, and he found ways to use his experiences to become successful. It is his hope that other students will so the same.

Other than just this advice, Jesse also understands that believing you can achieve something is directly connected to the success you can attain. He reflects, "I definitely went into my interviews with confidence in who I was as a person and potential employee. I think my confidence radiated at my job interviews and made the decision to hire me easy for Aurora Health. Have confidence in your abilities to perform a job's duty, and the employer will have confidence in you, too."

Congratulations, Jesse, and good luck in Milwaukee!

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