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Networking to Success: Megan Dormedy

Posted on Feb 18, 2014
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Networking to Success: Megan Dormedy

Megan Dormedy graduated from UW-Superior in the Fall of 2012 with a degree in social work. She was recently hired as a juvenile probation officer at Arrowhead Regional Corrections in Duluth, MN. Her passion as a probation officer began when she was a personal care assistant for three children who had been sexually abused and neglected. From the experience with her clients, she discovered she had a passion for working with children of vulnerable populations. She expanded her passion when she took several criminal justice courses at UW-Superior. Fall semester of 2012 she was placed into a field internship at Arrowhead Regional Corrections. Megan loved her internship and knew that this was the right path for her.

Immediately after graduating, Megan applied as a corrections officer at an adult correction facility. Once she started working with an adult population in corrections she realized she missed working with kids. So she applied as a youth counselor at a residential treatment facility and became a counselor in the girl's correction residential program. Not long after working at that program, Megan received word that Arrowhead Regional Corrections was hiring a juvenile probation officer. Without thinking twice she applied for the job. Megan has been working as a probation officer for five months and is excited to say this is the job for her!

Megan feels the reason for her success is due to networking and professional relationships she has built. She learned that hard work is very important in a job search. Career Services taught her how important first impressions are; she is also very thankful for the hard work Kathy Pykkonen and her team has put into helping Megan with her resume and cover letter. They helped her realized that a simple word change in her resume could make her sound more professional.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior gave Megan several different opportunities to explore the social work career and find her passion. Her advice to other students at UW-Superior is to utilize their internship opportunities to the fullest and find a placement somewhere that will get your "foot in the door."

Congratulations Megan. Career Services is proud of your success!

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