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Liberal Arts Education Helps Entrepreneur Succeed: Alora Rueth

Posted on Apr 8, 2014
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Liberal Arts Education Helps Entrepreneur Succeed: Alora Rueth

Alora Rueth graduated from UW-Superior in the Distance Learning program in May of 2013 with a major in Communicating Arts. The job search after graduation was difficult for Alora because the opportunities she was interested in were outside of her community and she wanted to stay close to her dairy farm. So, she decided to make things happen on her own by becoming an entrepreneur.

Alora knew that if she used the skills learned from her degree she could start her business of creating a community magazine for women in agriculture. Her education prepared her for what was involved in publishing a magazine-communicating, not only in the form of magazine content, but with other professionals regarding legal and publishing considerations. Alora had to not only create the magazine but learn the marketing and social media side of business. Alora stated that her liberal arts education gave her the confidence to move forward with this project.

Alora also credits the skill of networking with helping her business grow. She has met many folks along the way who share her passions and have helped her on this journey. One of her mentors is a semiretired magazine writer, who, along with other writers and entrepreneurs, helped Alora create her final product. Her magazine is called Country Diva, and is available online at (click on 'Digital Edition' to read the Spring 2014 issue).

Alora's advice for any students that are interested in becoming an entrepreneur is to get involved and become dedicated to a passion. She says, "Being an entrepreneur involves dedication, confidence and not being afraid to jump in and do things you have never done." Owning your own business is a gamble every day, there are ups and there are downs. Having a well-rounded education allows you to have confidence to handle whatever your business throws at you.

Congratulations Alora, Career Services wishes you the best!

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