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Doing your homework: Tessa Jasper

Posted on Feb 11, 2011
Going prepared to the 2009 Head of the Lakes job fair lands Tessa a position with Target.
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Tessa Jasper

Tessa Jasper

Tessa Jasper, a 2010 graduate in Economics, attended the 2009 Head of the Lakes Job Fair with a mission in mind. Prior to the fair she had done her research and found out that Target would be attending.

Tessa then decided to find out more about the company so that she could have a meaningful discussion with the recruiter. Her hard work paid off, she impressed the recruiter, and after several interviews Tessa landed a position as an Executive Team leader with Target.

This alumna's success, however, did not come easily, Tessa feels that her Business 499 class, Career Success Strategies with Kathy Pykkonnen, played a major contribution.

"Taking BUS 499 challenged me to be confident in marketing myself to companies. Additionally, the class gave me the opportunities to build a network through mandatory events," she explains.

Tessa also credits her liberal arts education for helping her to not only gain knowledge in various areas, but it also helped her grow and develop as a person. Tessa clearly feels that being prepared from the get go helped her stand out, and she urges current students to do their homework when applying for jobs.

"Research the company!" says Tessa, "Let employers know that you are not just casually looking for a job, but are truly interested in a career with their company. The more you know about the company, the more employers will be impressed."

Career Services is impressed with Tessa's career success and wishes her the best in her professional career.

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