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Getting a head start in career success: Eunseok Lee

Posted on Apr 25, 2011
Although still a freshman, Eunseok Lee has managed to land two new on-campus positions starting next Fall.
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Eunseok Lee

Eunseok Lee

Eunsoek Lee, a freshman from Korea double majoring in Speech Communications and Marketing will soon be adding on the roles of campus leader and mentor to his resume. Lee has secured the role of Resident Assistant as well as GEARS mentor for Fall 2011.

Working with Career Services helped Eunseok find his fit

Through working with Career Services staff and resources, Lee learned about these two positions which fit his personal strengths and interests. He has enjoyed taking advantage of unique opportunities like the leadership academy on campus. Lee is excited to have accomplished and achieved his goal of obtaining these positions!

Resume prep helped Lee gain interview confidence

Lee brought in his resume, cover letter, and other application materials to Career Services and had them reviewed by the staff before he submitted his application. These opportunities have made Lee more confident and better prepared for his future. "If anyone needs a help or a job, I would strongly suggest they go to Career Services."

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