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Hitting the target: Jake Anderson

Posted on Feb 11, 2011
On his way up and out, a senior scores a job with Target.
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Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson

It was the real world scenarios in his classes at UW-Superior and key experiences as a store manager at Duluth's Miller Hill Mall that helped Jake Anderson get his foot in the door at Target, through a 10 week internship management program.

"I have worked retail for about 5 years," says Jake, "over that time I acquired many skills that help to put me into the position to succeed with my internship at Target."

Now graduating in May, Jake is running ahead of the pack, and has already landed a position as an Executive Team Leader at Target.

Jake's advice to fellow students is to grab opportunities in front of them right now and to pay attention to the real world scenarios that are presented in many of their classes.

"I would recommend trying to obtain a job while in college even if it is just part-time to gain some experience in the type of business that you are interested," says Jake.

Overall Jake enjoyed his experiences at UWS, especially his lectures, "The professors in many of the classes that I have taken bring real world examples into the classroom. I think this is a great way to teach and I believe that it has definitely had an impact on my education."

Career Services wishes Jake the continued success in his career!

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