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Motivated through Music: Yuma Yamaguchi ’09

Posted on Mar 25, 2013
UW-Superior alum, Yuma Yamaguchi, used his education from the university to create his own record label at IRMA Records Japan upon graduation.
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Motivated through Music: Yuma Yamaguchi ’09

Yuma Yamaguchi, an international student from Japan, graduated from UW-Superior in 2009 after completing his undergraduate studies in Music Composition. Yamaguchi has always been interested in music, and over time that interest grew into a passion that he still holds strongly today. At the young age of four years old, he began playing classical music on the piano. Since music was such an important part of his life, Yamaguchi made the decision to study it more in depth at the collegiate level. After sending out some of his demo music to various record companies for a few years, he eventually was contacted by IRMA Records Japan, where he began his professional work as an artist and producer.

Getting the Most of His Education

Through his courses at UW-Superior, Yamaguchi learned a lot about music from the great professors that he received instruction from. One of the most encouraging professors he had taught him about music composition, which included both the theoretical and technical aspects. However, Yamaguchi feels that he learned more than just methodology with this teacher and comments, "He made me think that I should write music for myself, not for him or the lesson. I was even showing him my private music which is less academic and directly related to my current job. He was respectful for those works, and this helped me to put myself into the situation of concentrating [on] my own music."

Aside from his great professors, Yamaguchi also had the opportunity to really develop his passion in music by being around people who shared a similar drive. He formed strong ties with other students, some of which he is still in contact with despite him doing his career work in Japan. He comments, "Many music students who went to UWS with me have sung or played on my releases, and actually I still work with some of them currently. [Right] now I am working on a track with a singer who was also an international student and graduated from UWS."

Yamaguchi also met a friend at UW-Superior, Erik Reuter, who was studying filming at the university. Though Reuter now has a career working as a cinematographer with various TV shows and movies, he has not forgotten Yamaguchi, and the two are currently working together and combining each of their talents to create a music video for Yamaguchi's latest single.  

Making Music

As a musical artist and a producer, Yamaguchi typically gets to spend his day in the studio where he writes his arrangements. The variety of musical pieces he works on range from his own dance/club style of music, to music for TV commercials, soundtracks, or whatever else a client may ask for. He covers multiple musical genres and styles and therefore is very versatile with what he can create. On some days, however, he puts aside his own composing in order to meet with clients or other song writers, make presentations, or listen to demos done by other people, especially new artists.

Though Yamaguchi certainly enjoys his compositional work, there is much more to his job than just writing and producing songs all day, especially now that he has created his own record label. Holding the position of A&R (artists and repertoire) at his label, TILE Records, Yamaguchi is responsible for seeking out talent in order to recruit new artists. Once he has selected the artists that show potential, he continues to work with them all the way to the point of them releasing their personal compositions. He also holds responsibility on both the marketing and management side of things, so he is in charge of the promotion and publication of TILE Record's music as well.

Living out his Passion

Yamaguchi has put a lot of work into his music, and he proudly has just recently released his own label sampler from TILE Records on March 6. In order to get a better feel for his musical style and his work with other artists, here are a couple of links to his new record label music:

There is no doubt from seeing and hearing his work that Yamaguchi has become very successful with what he is doing in his career. Something important for students to remember when they are planning what they want to do with their education is to find something that they are passionate about and love to do. Success will come with passion. Yamaguchi knew from a young age that music was what inspired him, so he pursued it in college and was able to take his talents to a whole new level. When thinking about his career work, he explains, "I [feel] that [being] a composer is a life-style, not a job. I think about music all the time even when I'm not working. I'll be very happy if I can keep writing music in my future."

Yuma Yamaguchi was interviewed as a part of the Career Services Day in the Life project. His full interview and those of other UW-Superior alumni can be found on the Day in the Life website,

Interview conducted by Kristen Jasperson on March 6, 2013. Article written by Kristen Jasperson.

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