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On-campus job leads to life path: Aaron Wainman

Posted on Mar 16, 2011
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Aaron Wainman

Aaron Wainman

Aaron Wainman has a busy life. Apart from being a Vocal Performance major in the Music Program, Assistant Hall Manager of Crownhart hall, and an active member of various student organization, Aaron will soon take on the role of Hall Manager for Ross hall in the fall of 2011.

Aaron's career with Residence Life, began as a Resident Assistant in his sophomore year of college. He enjoyed his position and quickly moved up the ladder to the Assistant Hall Manager (AHM) for 2010-2011.

Aaron recalls the anxiety he felt when he was applying for the Assistant Hall Manager position, "I was extremely nervous about the interview process but Career Services went over my resume, and I did a mock interview with Kathy. Fortunately I got the help that I needed to rock my interview!"

When he applied for the Hall Manager for 2011-2012, Aaron once again sought help from Career Services, and our office was happy to help. Kathy Pykkonen and Betsy Gregg met with Aaron on separate occasions to go over his application material, and assist him in resume prep.

"They were able to give me great advice, and helped me to check over my resume for consistency and accuracy."

Through hard work and a little help, Aaron was successful and has recently been appointed Hall Manager for Ross Hall, and is looking forward to further growth and development in this new role.

" [I] am excited to take on this new challenge and opportunity in my life."

"The job of Assistant Hall Manager has given me an tremendous opportunity to work in a field that most undergraduates don't get the chance to," he adds, "I found my passion for Residence Life, and Student Affairs. Over this past year I have decided that I am going to apply to graduate school in the area of Student Affairs."

We at Career Services wish Aaron the best of luck in his career in Student Affairs!

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