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Pedaling Towards a Career: Brad Cretzmeyer

Posted on Sep 21, 2012
Brad Cretzmeyer, December 2011 Speech Communication graduate and Distribution Center Outbound Lead at Quality Bicycle Products
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Pedaling Towards a Career: Brad Cretzmeyer

Brad Cretzmeyer, a UWS speech communication alumnus, learned of Quality Bicycle Products when he was a sophomore in college. A close friend suggested he look into the company and apply for a position. Following his friend's advice, Brad applied and acquired a job in their warehouse.

He worked at this job throughout college to help pay for school and eventually realized just how special and unique this company was. "I really appreciated that it was a green company in everything they do. They are dedicated to helping the community and strive to change the world for the better by getting everyone on a bike." He mentions that their mission statement literally is: "Every butt on a bike." He explains how the management of the company isn't built on a hierarchy, and that even the president of the company sits directly behind him in the office, "The top executives are out with everyone else instead of inside closed offices."

The Up Hill Climb

Brad attributes his position at Quality Bicycle Products to plain hard work and never giving up. He says that the road he's had to take to reach where he currently is was not an easy one. "I had to go through two different colleges prior to UWS. It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to do, and I struggled academically."

Shifting into the Right Gear

Eventually he found the program that was right for him, and everything changed for the better, graduating with a bachelor in speech communication in December 2011. "Once I found UW-Superior, I found home." He says that UWS prepared him well for what he does now at Quality Bicycle Products, from the communication classes for building confidence to talk in front of people, to teaching communication skills, which are needed as an assistant supervisor in order for others to become better at their jobs.

It all comes down to helping people, and Brad uses the skills he gained through his communication classes. "I can pay close attention to details, which are all the skills that I developed to a deeper level while I was at UWS."

The Road to Success

Brad says that the best solution he found in his success was to never give up and to network. "The main thing that I have learned, which I picked up from my Public Relations communication class, is the importance in networking." In his current position,he has the ability to talk freely to the president, the CEO, and the CFO of Quality Bicycle Products. He says that networking is one of the most powerful tools that a student can use when they are job hunting, along with a bit of patience. "It might take you a bit to get the position you want," Brad explains, "but until then, put your all into everything you do because people will take notice." Ultimately in the end, taking notice in you will help in attaining that special position. Brad did just that, in a company he was already working for.

Article written by Kara Tudor

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