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Tips for College and Beyond: Nick Burns

Posted on Oct 11, 2012
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Tips for College and Beyond: Nick Burns

Nick Burns is a freshman this year at the University of Wisconsin - Superior. He's majoring in Biology, with a focus in fisheries science, and he's working hard to get a jump start on his career. Just over a month into the fall 2012 semester, Nick already has his first internship all lined up.

During his job search, Nick was already utilizing Career Services' resources: "I checked Jacket Jobs at least twice a day for any new job postings. As soon as this one made the list, I took advantage of it right away." It's no surprise then that he would recommend that all UW-Superior students use Jacket Jobs and use it often!

The biggest help I received…

Throughout his application process, Nick wasn't working alone. He was able to take advantage of the support offered by the Career Services office: "They helped me create my resume and cover letter. They helped me with email etiquette. And they even gave me a mock interview." Not only did they help with his application materials, Nick said, "The staff members in the Career Services Office are amazing. They were so kind and easily the biggest help I received while going through the process of getting a job."

His official title will be 'Environmental Outreach Intern' for the City of Superior Wastewater Treatment Plant. Nick will be in charge of "educating and spreading awareness to the community on storm water issues." He'll also get the opportunity to take water quality tests from streams in the Superior area. This experience will help him stand out when being compared to other students studying fisheries science.

Focus on being yourself

The advice Nick received from Career Services helped him with things like creating the layout of his resume, determining the number of spaces in between paragraphs on his cover letter, and what to write in each paragraph to pitch his best self to the hiring committee. The tips and techniques he learned may have helped Nick get his internship, but his advice for other students during the interview process is to "focus on being yourself."

Besides learning tips and techniques for getting an internship, Nick says he's already learned time management and email etiquette too, which he, "will continue to use throughout [his] college career and beyond."

Congratulations, Nick, and we look forward to hearing more about your success!

Article written by Jessica Schlauderaff

News Contact: Shannon Gilligan | 715-394-8026 | sgillig1{atuws}
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