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Trucking Right Along: Darren Gordon ‘08

Posted on Sep 5, 2012
University alum, Darren Gordon, credits the programs at UW-Superior for his success in the field of Transportation and Logistics Management.
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Trucking Right Along: Darren Gordon ‘08

Darren Gordon completed his major in Transportation and Logistics Management and was able to find a job directly related to his field of study after his graduation from UW-Superior in 2008. Gordon credits much of his career success to the courses he was enrolled in at the university, as well as the guidance from the school's Transportation and Logistics Club. He now works as a Driver Manager for Halvor Lines Inc., located in Superior, WI.

Getting Started

Though he was not initially a Transportation and Logistics major, once Gordon heard more about what it entailed, as well as its positive outlook for career opportunities, he switched his major and began pursuing the new degree. He was able to find his job at Halvor Lines Inc. without much trouble, crediting both his bachelor's degree and strong personality traits with his employment.  

On the Job

As a Driver Manager for Halvor Lines Inc., Gordon is responsible for conducting the work of the company's truck drivers. This means that he is in charge of making sure that everything is running legally, and he is also held liable for keeping track of the driver's work hours and making sure that they are making it to their destinations in a timely manner. It is Gordon's job to ensure that the drivers are taking the correct route as they travel, and also that they are heading towards the proper endpoint. Even though all of these jobs require his work to be done in an office setting, Gordon enjoys the fact that every day he gets to work with something a little bit different. 

Despite his enjoyment of his job, Gordon admits that some days at work can be challenging. He is obligated to direct the truck drivers in their work, yet he himself has never been a trucker before. This gap in experience can make it hard for everyone to see eye to eye, but Gordon understands the key to working in this type of a situation. His approach is to follow the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. He explains, "I find it is very easy to get along with drivers if I just treat them as equals and not as their management boss." By putting himself into the truck drivers' shoes, Gordon is able to effectively work alongside of the truckers to get all the work done in a timely fashion.  

Qualifications for the Job

Gordon's career propels him to work with a variety of people daily. He feels that in order to be successful in a job like his, it is important to have patience and an open mind as well as some experience relating to the field, whether it is previous work experience or an internship. It is also important to have a strong education in the field of Transportation or something closely related to it.

Though some claim that a bachelor's degree is not enough to obtain a job, Gordon believes otherwise. He feels that it is more important to have job experience and to be able to sell the skills and qualities that an employer is looking for. Gordon explains, "You have to be able to stand out and impress people with your…ability to talk and influence others." Putting these tactics into action, Gordon was able to use them to earn his current job position.

Moving Forward

Gordon has enjoyed his work at Halvor Lines Inc., and he sees himself continuing to work there in the upcoming years. However, he is still looking at career advancement within the company. Within the next few years, Gordon wants to work his way into a higher position and even move within the departments at Halvor. He has his eye set on working with sales rather than trucking management and hopes to be in a sales position of some sort before long. 

Career Advice

For those who are looking to begin pursuing a career, the advice Gordon wants to pass along is to work at getting your foot in the door. This can be done by taking advantage of work or other related opportunities that reveal themselves and going for them. He also encourages people to present themselves in a way that will be looked upon favorably by an employer and other workers. Having a strong work ethic and good attitude will lead to positive outcomes and help to create a positive reputation in the minds of those who can help with career advancement.

Darren Gordon was interviewed as a part of the Career Services Day in the Life project. His full interview and those of other UW-Superior alumni can be found on the Day in the Life website,

Interview conducted by Tashina Martinson on March 6, 2012. Article written by Kristen Jasperson.

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