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Career Services

2012-2014 Catalog

Career Services

Mission Statement Top of Page

Career Services, in partnership with faculty, staff and employers, provides students and alumni with opportunities and resources to identify career goals and develop life-long career management skills.

Services Offered Top of Page

Career Services also offers professional events such as mock interviews, etiquette dinners, and networking socials and career fairs. We offer preparation for the transition from college, including preparation for graduate school preparation. Counseling and advising for students choosing a major and/or career path; interest, skills, strengths and abilities assessment interpretations.

Job Seeking Assistance Top of Page

Career Services provides services in resume and cover letter writing; interview preparation; and internship and job search assistance.

'Jacket Jobs Top of Page

We provide job and internship postings through 'Jacket Jobs including all on-campus employment opportunities.

Learning Objectives Top of Page

To develop life-long career management skills, students and alumni will:

  1. Identify their skills, abilities and strengths and how they relate to appropriate career paths.
  2. Recognize the connection between their chosen major and careers
  3. Set goals, create an action plan and make knowledgeable decisions to reach their goals.
  4. Prepare professional application materials and practice interviewing techniques to confidently promote their skills and abilities.
  5. Articulate the value of their liberal arts education to employers.
  6. Research companies to identify their "fit" with an organization.
  7. Organize and conduct a job search.

We meet these learning objectives by providing the services listed above.

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