2012-2014 Catalog

2012-2014 Graduate Catalog

Natural Sciences

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Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences! We are a multidisciplinary group with programs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Geography. Our curriculum focuses on using scientific inquiry as a way of knowing and applying scientific knowledge to societal issues of local, regional, and global importance.

Faculty and Staff Top of Page

Arnhold Davies, Michelle - Asst Professor, Physiology

Bajjali, William - Professor

Balcer, Mary - Director, Lake Superior

Breckenridge, Andrew - Associate Professor

Burkett, Edward - Professor, Biology

Chamernick, James - Sr Lecturer, Geography

Cook, Peter - Assistant Professor, Physics

Danz, Nicholas - Assoc Professor, Plant Science

Emmert, Frank - Senior Lecturer

Gabrys-Alexson, Randy - Professor, Geography

Johnson, Robbye - Gardener, Greenhouse

Kyes, James - Senior Lecturer

Lane, James - Professor, Chemistry

Nelsen, Melissa - Associate Professor, Chemistry

Orr, Sandra - Academic Dept Assoc

Polkinghorne, Christine - Senior Lecturer

Riker-Coleman, Kristin - Asst Professor, Geology

Rios Mendoza, Lorena - Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Sanda, Carrie - Senior Lecturer

Schmude, Kurt - Associate Professor

Schuldt, Jeffrey - Professor, Biology

Seelke, Ralph - Professor, Biology

Shepard, Lisa - Senior Lecturer, Physics

Teneyck, Matthew - Senior Lecturer

Waxman, Michael - Professor, Chemistry

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