2012-2014 Catalog

2012-14 Undergraduate Catalog

Mathematics and Computer Science

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UW-Superior's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides majors and minors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Mathematics Education. The programs provide a core of fundamental courses along with an array of electives that enable students to pursue special interests. Using this versatile, highly regarded program, students can choose a major that prepares them for a career or graduate study in Computer Science, Mathematics or Mathematics Education. Students also can pursue a career in Actuarial Science or Computer Security with appropriate choices of elective courses.

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Bezroukov, Serguei - Professor

Glesener, Kristopher - Senior Lecturer

Gu, Xiaofeng - Assistant Professor

Kahler, Heather - Senior Lecturer

Kennedy, Diana - Lecturer

Khoroosi, Hossain - Sr Lecturer, Mathematics

Leck, Uwe - Associate Professor

Lynch, Shaun - Professor, Info Technology

Lynch, Patser - Academic Dept Assoc

Mattsson, Lisa - Senior Lecturer, Math & CSCI

Moen, Karen - Senior Lecturer

Riesgraf, Kristin - Lecturer, Math Program

Rosenberg, Steven - Associate Professor

Scott, Chad - Professor, Math

Toscano, Marilyn - Senior Lecturer

Tucker, Shin-Ping - Associate Professor

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