2014-2016 Catalog

2014-16 Graduate Catalog

Educational Leadership

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The Department of Educational Leadership focuses on programs and coursework common to all professionals working in K-12 education. This focus includes administrative, counseling services, and teaching personnel. Coursework focuses on knowledge, skills and dispositions required across all subject areas and all ages.

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Bednar Munsell, Suzanne - Academic Department Associate

Bergum, Tamara - Lecturer, Counseling Prof

Burdge, Maryjane - Assistant Professor

Churchill, Mary - Asst. Professor

Clark, Orvin - Professor

Cox, Heather - Lecturer

Craig, David - Sr Lecturer

Flaig, Amy - Field Experience and edTPA

Griffith, Suzanne - Professor, Counseling

Hulce, Carol - Asst Prof, School Counseling

Hyland, Elaine - Office Associate

Kamrath, Barry - Senior Lecturer Ed. Lead.

Ketola, Michael - Lecturer, Teacher Educ

Korsch, Mary Anne - Volunteer

Krieg, Tanya - Senior Lecturer

Kronzer, Terri - Assoc Prof, Dean of Grad Study

Larson, Jon - Senior Lecturer

Larson Kidd, Susan - Sr Lecturer, Special Education

Lau, Jason - Sr Lecturer

Lee-Nichols, Mary - Asst. Professor

Masterson, Susan - Assistant Professor

McGlasson, Terry - Assistant Professor

Mirasola, Phillip - Teaching Supervisor

Mitchell, Harry - Teaching Supervisor

Oling, Lee - Sr Lecturer, Counseling

Paul, John - Asst Professor, Counseling

Pernu, Sally - Lecturer, Special Educ

Rady, Tammy - Academic Dept Associate

Sauter, James - Senior Lecturer

Seifert, Olivia - Advisor/Recruiter

Strewler, Thomas - Sr Lecturer, Teacher Educ

Tibaldo, Lanny - Senior Lecturer

Trowbridge, Chad - Sr Lecturer

Tusken, Thomas - Lecturer

Wright, Sandra - Lecturer

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Course Descriptions Top of Page

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