2014-2016 Catalog

2014-16 Graduate Catalog

Social Inquiry

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The Department of Social Inquiry fosters intellectual growth and career preparation within a liberal arts tradition that emphasizes individual attention and embodies respect for divers cultures and multiple voices.  through its contribution to the University's general education program and its major and minor curricula, the department helps students to become life-long learners who seek understanding as a valuable end in its own right.  In particular, the department encourages students to apply reflective and systematic through to the social world using the methodological tools of the social sciences and humanities.  our goal is to produce graduates who approach their lives, both as professionals and as responsible members of local and global communities, with reason and creativity.  The Department offers majors and minors in Sociology, Political Science, History and Broadfield Social Studies, along with minors in Anthropology, Global Studies, Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies.

Faculty and Staff Top of Page

Adams, Sarah LaChance - Asst. Professor of Philosophy

Augsburger, Deborah - Asst Prof, Anthropology

Bahm, Karl - Professor, History

Christian, Cindy - Sr Lecturer, Political Science

Dalpiaz, Brenda - Academic Dept Associate

Dokhanchi, Khalil (Haji) - Professor, Political Science

Edwards, Eric - Asst Professor, Sociology

Evans, Brianna - Senior Lecturer - SI

Gan, Cheong Soon - Assistant Professor

Gilbert, Greg - Senior Lecturer - SI

Johnson, Marshall - Professor, Sociology

Leopold, Theresa - Senior Lecturer, Sociology

Mansbach, Daniela - Assistant Professor, Poli Sci

Mulholland, Susan - Sr Lecturer, Anthropology

Prescott, Jill - Lecturer, Social Studies

Riker-Coleman, Erik - Senior Lectures

Shonk Jr, Kenneth - Asst Professor, Social Studies

Sipress, Joel - Professor, History

Smith, Robert - Senior Lecturer

Starratt, Priscilla - Professor, History

Trine, Mari - Senior Lecturer

Von Hagel, Alisa - Asst. Professor

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