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Posted on Aug 21, 2009
The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning announces new staff for the Fall 2009-2010 academic year.

Dr. Maria Cuzzo is proud to welcome Ms. Emily Levings to CETL's permanent staff in her capacity as University Services Associate II. She comes to CETL from the Department of Educational Leadership and former Teacher Education Department. Emily has years of experience working with instructors of teachers and teaching and we are excited at the possibilities that she brings to continued expansion and development of CETL's ability to serve our key constituencies on campus. WELCOME, EMILY! Emily's office is in McCaskill 124 and her direct telephone number is 394-8548. Emily has completed her cross-training and transition time and is now in CETL full-time!  

At the same time, we bid a fond farewell to Denise Denu, who has served as our half time LTE staff person for the two years of CETL's history. Denise has provided many forms of important support and encouragement to the early development of CETL on this campus and we will miss her presence in CETL. We wish Denise well in her future endeavors. CETL would not be what it is without her help and assistance. Good luck, Denise!  

Also new to CETL staff is Dr. Suzanne Griffith with a 25% position as Coordinator of First Year Seminars. She will be working closely with the First Year Experience Committee. Dr. Griffith is a Professor of Counseling Professions in the Department of Educational Leadership. Her telephone number is 394-8316 and her office is located in McCaskill 104D.

Dr. Maria Cuzzo continues her leadership role as the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in addition to being a Professor of Legal Studies in the Department of Human Behavior and Diversity. Her office is located in Sunquist 335 and her telephone number is 394-8482.

Dr. Lisa Larson continues her full time position in CETL as Coordinator of Instructional Development. Her telephone number is 394-8051 and she is located in the CETL Office in McCaskill 124.

We look forward in the upcoming academic year to providing more extensive teaching and learning opportunities for the faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Superior. We welcome you to stop by the CETL office to visit our staff and to learn more about upcoming events and opportunities.

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