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January 21, 2013

Welcome back -- to encouraging signs from Madison

As we await word on the UW budget, signs out of Madison leave us optimistic -- all things considered.

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to campus!  The break certainly went very quickly.  I want to briefly update you on the same issues which I presented during the campus opening.

At the chancellor's retreat in Madison, it was confirmed that first words with regard to the budget will come from the Governor's office, occurring in mid-February.  Indications are that we will receive no cuts; we will be able to maintain our costs to continue; there is still a proposal out there which asks for funds to support the flexible degree/option program and economic development opportunities.  The pay plan has not been confirmed, and we likely will hear more as the process nears. We are optimistic.

Thank you for your outstanding participation in the HLC events on Enhancement Day.  Dr. Jeffery Rosen was considerably impressed with the level of engagement. You will be seeing more in the coming weeks about the upcoming HLC visit scheduled for the first week of March. Your continued involvement will be important. The visit team will be meeting with a substantial portion of the campus community.

I am away this week at the AAC&U conference in Atlanta. Our COPLAC colleagues will be coming together at this meeting as we talk further about how to advance the liberal arts mission of our institutions.  I will also be engaged with some of our Georgia alumni.

Best wishes on a great start to the semester (and stay warm!)


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