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When completing your degree becomes reality

Posted on Nov 20, 2013
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Jennifer Knutson is completing her degree after a twenty year absence all the way from China

Jennifer Knutson is completing her degree after a twenty year absence all the way from China

For adult students, completing school and earning a degree often involves overcoming obstacles that traditional students never need to experience. Jennifer Knutson, an Elementary Education student in the Distance Learning Center, is another shining, successful example of just that. Returning to the classroom after nearly a twenty year absence, Knutson has found a comfortable and supportive place at UW-Superior.

Studying all the way from Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Knutson has found an appreciation for quality online programs. As a Preschool Teacher at Quality Schools International, a distance learning program with supportive advisors and encouraging instructors was a necessity for her to return to school. After studying at two other institution's distance learning centers, Knutson was enticed to become a Yellowjacket when she learned about the online elementary education program. Her experiences in the classroom and interactions with instructors have left her with only positive reviews: "Without a doubt, UW-Superior has exceptional Distance Learning instructors. They are encouraging, helpful, and understanding of the demands of students."

As Knutson returns to the classroom an appreciation has developed towards online courses and the ability it gives with balancing work, family, and school. Having the opportunity to complete classes online has allowed her to fit college easily into her life without having to miss the "important special occasions" her children have. She credits her experience as "very much worth the effort and (especially the) example I am setting for my two young children. I am gaining a sense of self-worth, something that was lacking previously."

Knutson has become a strong advocate for distance learning programs and supports students that pursue their educational goals:

"Completing college is not easy; as a distance learning student or on-campus student. Life presents challenges. You may be tempted to quit (or) go down an easier path. Whether you are a traditional student or a returning student like I am, you will feel the value of your college pursuit."


For students similar to Jennifer Knutson, who have taken an absence after starting college, returning to UW-Superior to complete your degree is possible. Contact your Return to Superior Coordinator today at return@uwsuper.edu to learn more about what it takes to complete your degree.

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