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Setting an example and earning a degree

Posted on Sep 16, 2013
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Tammy Kolesar is setting an example for her family and earning a degree at the same time.

Tammy Kolesar is setting an example for her family and earning a degree at the same time.

Tammy Kolesar is working toward a Communicating Arts Degree through UW-Superior's Distance Learning Center. She originally attended college as an on-campus freshman at UW-Superior in 1986 before transferring to UW-Eau Claire for her sophomore year. She did not go further than that point; she did not feel as though she was ready to further her education at the time.

Tammy started her own small business and has operated it for 18 years; however, she has had bigger plans for herself. She wanted her kids to be proud of her; she wanted them to see that although she has faced many obstacles in life, she is able to complete her education. She wanted to return to school. Her social awkwardness pushed her in the direction of Distance Learning. Here, she could learn and study online without feeling so out of place. Her daughter, who was an on-campus UW-Superior freshman, helped her make the transition more easily. Tammy was able to get financial aid which paid for her tuition. She stated that small student loans were also available.

She enjoys Communicating Arts and her concentration has been more toward the written aspect of the degree. She has not, however, ruled out counseling or advising. Although she struggled at first with instruction and time maintenance, she knew Distance Learning was the right move. With help from her daughter at UW-Superior, as well as a daughter at UW-Madison, she was able to learn the computer instruction aspect. She was then able to schedule school to balance with work. She stated that Distance Learning makes getting a degree while working an option.

Tammy prints all of her assignments so she knows exactly when things are due. She said that all of her professors were very approachable via email and phone. She also recommended having an open forum to be able to ask questions amongst other Distance Learning students. She added, "Find groups online and form a "relationship" in order to help one another along; you are going through the same experiences." Overall, her experience with the program has been a pleasant one.

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