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Kline crows for Distance Learning

Posted on Jul 23, 2012
Christina Kline's experience as a UW-Superior Distance Learning Advisor
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Kline graduates with a Masters degree from UW-Superior

Kline graduates with a Masters degree from UW-Superior

Kline, DLC Advisor

For the past 16 years, Christina Kline has been the busy bee in UW-Superior's Distance Learning Center. As a Distance Learning advisor, she not only works hard to create opportunities and success for her student advisee's but for her family and personal education as well.

Working her way up

Kline began working for UW-Superior as an LTE (limited-term employee) and eventually became the Program Manager for the Elderhostel program (now Road Scholar) - a world-renowned education and travel organization for older adults organized through UW-Superior.

Several years ago, UW-Superior received a grant from the UW-System to help students obtain a degree that had started college but never finished. Christina Kline, whose work in this area immediately made her a prime candidate for the advisor position.

Distance Learning majors

As a full-time advisor, Kline specializes in the Interdisciplinary Studies Major and Health and Wellness Management Major advising over one hundred Distance Learning students.

Family and life

Other than having a busy advising life on-campus, off-campus Kline has been married for 18 years, is a mom of three, runs a small decorating business and raises chickens. "Chickens?" you ask. Yes, you read correctly, chickens!

Teaching and graduating 

On top of raising three busy teens and a brood of chickens, Kline teaches two online courses including Portfolio Development (IDS 298) and Individualized Education Planning (IDS 300). Kline also recently completed her thesis for her Master's degree in Communicating Arts through the UW-Superior and graduated this past December 2011.

Why a Distance Learning advisor?

When asked what she enjoyed about being a Distance Learning Center advisor, Kline said, "It's fun to have a role in a life-changing experience for a person. Students come here to get a college degree which not everyone can accomplish. I know from experience, it's not easy. And then when students do complete their degree and finally accomplish their goals, they are just so happy and proud . . . I like knowing I got to play a small part in that success, and that's what is really rewarding."

Distance Learning students

Kline explains she enjoys working with Distance Learning students because she can relate to them. "They are non-traditional, just like me! They have to work a lot harder to juggle school, family, jobs, and more." Kline recognizes that Distance Learning students have to be extremely dedicated in order to obtain their degrees because they are fitting school around their busy real-world schedules.

"People need this"

"What we do (as advisors) is really meaningful; it changes peoples' lives for the better.  I mean I'm not curing cancer, but this is a really big deal for a lot of people. In this economy, our country needs this, our state needs this . . . people need this."

Simply extraordinary

Kline doesn't see her position as a UW-Superior Distance Learning Center advisor as a job but, more so, a calling. She enjoys the gratification she gets from helping others achieve their life-long goals. Kline is more than an ordinary advisor; she is a mother, wife, businesswoman, student, teacher, friend, and an 'extraordinary' advisor who will do whatever it takes to help her students succeed in the classroom and in life.

Did I forget to mention chicken wrangler?

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